A renovation of the heart is not returning to normal but returning to something better.

Unbeknown to most people, our-selves included, the Teahouse was also a popular lunch spot for the white ants. They had dined on all the kitchen-ceiling batons, which explained the sag, then had the walls for dessert. Now all rectified.

It has been a real privilege for us to be isolated beside the lake hearing the change of rhythm and having the opportunity to sort out some much-needed maintenance jobs.

One of the blessings was having Job Keeper.

Thank you, in Australia, we could keep our staff employed. What a worthwhile bunch they proved to be, willingly moving from driving boats, being baristas, or cooking up tasty meals, to picking up paintbrushes, cleaning gear, and gardening tools.

With gratitude in our hearts, the Curry family warmly invite you back to the Lake and hope you have fared well in these winds of change.

While we are in stage 2 restrictions we will open for business Friday 9.00 – 4 pm, Saturday and Sunday 8.30-4 pm