In the new year we are proposing a new exciting experience of a boat cruise.  The boat will journey along the eastern shore and then anchor in Cedar Bay where the beautiful rain forest touches the lake reflecting a perfect image. Here you can enjoy a great coffee, local tea or kombucha with old fashioned tea house sandwiches and baked pumpkin scones with cranberries and local butter with friends.  The boat will then continue to the half way mark where you will have the option of walking the two and half kilometer lake track back to the Tea House or stay aboard and cross the center of the lake back to where you started from.

Lake Barrine is world famous for it’s unique, informative, relaxing rainforest & wildlife cruises around the volcanic crater brim. The cruise provides a close-up view of one of the most complex and amazing rainforest eco-systems in the world, all from the comfort of a quiet boat ride. For a different perspective you can also enjoy walking half the track around the lake which allows you to view the one-of-a-kind heritage listed rainforest from the pristine lake shore.

Cruising Vessels

Lake Barrine II was a custom home made vessel built in 1973 by Jim Curry.
The vessel is 14.8m long and weighs in just over 13.7 ton. She is built offerro concrete, and is lovingly referred to as the ‘Floating Footpath’ by the skippers. She is slightly slower than her counterpart Lake Barrine III but gives her passengers a unique experience by sitting closer to the water. She alike Lake Barrine III is powered by an extremely environmentally friendly 90hp four stroke Honda outboard engine.

Lake Barrine III was built by NQE&A in Cairns in 1987. She is 19.8m long and has an estimated weight of 13 ton. Despite been significantly larger than Lake Barrine II the vessel weighs less because she is made of aluminium, she is also a much more modern design which helps with speed and maneuverability. The vessel also provides a exclusive experience by allowing her passengers to view ‘over’ the water from the upper deck. She is the workhorse of our fleet and can carry a total of 134 passengers. Originally powered by a Perkins diesel motor and has been converted to the very environmentally friendly four stroke 90hp Honda outboard engine.